SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) and Pivotal tc Server issue

If you’re using the latest STS (SpringSource Tool Suite) and you’re having issues with the Pivotal tc Server, this will be of interest:  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25675140/sts-3-6-1-on-windows-using-jdk-7-or-8-no-server-selected-error

I installed the latest STS, and was having issues with the Pivotal tc Server … namely, setting environment variables in the server configuration was impossible. I’d set them, apply the changes, then inspect there result again through the configuration dialog and they wouldn’t be there — just vanished into the vapor. It was when I noticed in a clean installation (second one) that creating the server and then looking at the configuration, it would say “No server selected” at the top of the config panel.

Using the nightly updates for the tc server integration fixed my issue.



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