Spring Tool Suite (STS) and missing Spring nature

Interesting issue; in one of my projects, after updating the various tools I have installed, I started getting an error message indicating problems setting the project description when I’d invoke Maven -> Update Project. The error attached to this (via the Errors tab) indicated:

Problems encountered while setting project description.
Nature does not exist: org.springframework.ide.eclipse.core.springnature.

Check my updates … other projects … nope, looks like all the tools are up to date and other projects are working just fine. In searching online, I came across this post, which offered up a hint — but I hadn’t disabled the installation package. I’m using Spring Tool Suite version 3.6.2.RELEASE build on Eclipse Luna SR1 (4.4.1).

A friend indicated he had a similar issue a while back, and comparing the .project file in the broken project with a .project file is a working file allowed him to fix the project, so … worth a shot.

I ended up copying the buildCommand and nature sections of a working .project file into my broken project’s .project file, and all is good with the world again. Here’s the snippets I needed to paste (in the correct sections, of course):


Strange issue, but … it works now, so what can I say?


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3 Responses to Spring Tool Suite (STS) and missing Spring nature

  1. Greg Vaughn says:

    So, you’re saying Spring doesn’t like Autumn? 😉

  2. Erich Mauerböck says:

    I just upgraded STS to and the root cause (which was effectively the inability to add spring nature) vanished.

    Doing this “per hand” as you suggested is no option for me. I often check out projects and let eclipse convert them to maven projects with every nature needed through what is configured in the poms. So this fix was urgently needed.

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