Locked out of Android Phone

Okay … it’s been a terrible week for phones for me. I went jogging last week, with my phone in an exercise carrier strapped to my forearm. When I got home … the phone was pretty sweaty. Having dried it off, I did open it to check it out and … yeah, sweat inside the case, too (LG G4 btw). After that, all the sensors seemed to be dead (rotation didn’t work, proximity sensor was dead, etc. … plus random shut downs). A $20 warranty replacement is forthcoming from T-Mobile, so … all should be good.

Today, my wife and I took my dogs on a walk, and when I got back to the house and pulled the phone out of my pocket, apparently I had quite a number of incorrect passwords entered into the phone. I got a nice message about verifying my identity by logging in with my google credentials. Hey, no problem! I do so and … doesn’t work. Do some digging — and it turns out you have to use the original google account and original password that you set the phone up with. Alright … I did that just 3 months ago (warranty replacement — told you it was bad) so the user id and password should have been correct.

Nothing I tried would work; I starting thinking a factory reset was in the cards for me. Then I stumbled across this forum post, in particular a post by wgrotheer. As it turns out, for security, I had enabled 2-step verification. You MUST turn 2-step verification off in order to authenticate to your phone. So … quick run out to Google, turn it off, and viola! I’m logged back into my phone.

Thank you wgrotheer, whoever you are. Your post back in 2011 saved me!


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