Updated to Win 10 v 1709 build 16299.19 … and can’t access anonymous shares

So … I decided to push the update to the fall creators update to Win 10 the other night, and immediately afterwards, my access to the anonymous share from my NAS stopped working. It seems that Microsoft disabled anonymous share access by default, and there isn’t a good (i.e., easy) way to turn it back on. Their advice is to just not do it … and to modify your network shares on your NAS to reject anonymous (guest) connections and force the use of a user id and password.

But I didn’t want that. I am pretty sure my home network is fairly secure (strong passwords; multiple scans for security on both my wifi router and my main IP providers router). So why not keep working the was I have been? Eventually, yes, I’ll likely reconfigure the NAS file share, but until then ….

They (MS) makes mention of a registry edit to do it, but … it was difficult to find. After several dead ends, I stumbled across this page by Dedoimedo. Easy registry editor fix — and unlike the blog, no reboot required.

Many thanks, Dedoimedo!

Oh, and as an aside — don’t try searching the registry editor in Win 10. There’s apparently a known bug that hasn’t been fixed where it will search forever. My new box (AMC Threadripper 1920x w/64 GB of RAM) was slowed to a crawl searching the registry. The mouse would move slowly, stuttering across the screen until I eventually killed the process. It is apparently very easy to reproduce, so I don’t know why MS doesn’t fix it …

As an addendum, I also found this page which some might find useful, as it details what to do if you’re using MS Account access to your box (I use only local accounts).


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