Quick fix for pgAdmin 4 v3.0 and Windows

I’m looking at switching to pgAdmin 4 v3.0 for interacting with my local postgres database that is used during development, along with a few fellow developers/friends looking at the same. Unfortunately, after installing pgAdmin 4 v3.0 and setting up a Server with the hostname/address as “localhost”, while we can browse the table hierarchy via the tree on the left-hand-side of the screen, if we launch a query window, or ask for the “top 100 rows”, we get nothing.

Fortunately, a hat tip to Fernando Fabreti through this slashdot post did the trick: do NOT use “localhost” as the server name, but use the ip address No idea why it works, but it does, and I can now continue exploring the use of pgAdmin 4 v3.0.


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